5 Simple Relaxation Techniques For Boys And Girls, Perfect For Reducing Stress

5 simple relaxation techniques for boys and girls, perfect for reducing stress

Stress, is that word that we all hear and use so often, and that serves to designate that feeling of unease that seems to inevitably accompany us throughout our adult lives. Therefore, finding ways to reduce stress has become the great challenge of modern life. In this article, we will tell you different relaxation techniques and these tips will solve all your questions for boys and girls relaxation so read the complete article carefully.

Relaxation techniques to reduce stress

Look at these simple relaxation techniques and try them all, at least once, so you can choose the one you like best or create your own combination of 2 or more. It only takes a few minutes and you can put them into practice almost anytime, anywhere. You will see that they are an efficient way not only to reduce stress but also sadness, and depression and to help you be healthier, calmer, and focused.

Deep or focused breathing

Deep or focused breathing

How many times have you not heard that breathe When faced with a difficult situation? Surely even you have recommended it to someone on more than one occasion. And it is that the technique of breathing deeply works to calm the nerves and therefore to calm and reduce stress.

But this technique is not just about breathing deeply, you should do it by paying close attention to your breathing. Take a breath with long, slow and deep breaths, bringing the air to the abdomen and then releasing it slowly through the mouth.

Concentrate all your attention and feel how the air enters your body and how it leaves. You will see how by focusing on that your mind will calm down and your brain will deactivate the thoughts and feelings that cause you stress. The brain can only look completely at one thing at a time.

You can use this technique anytime, anywhere. When you face a situation that threatens to steal your calm, retreat for a few minutes to a quiet place where you can be alone and take a few deep breaths. You will see that your heartbeat decreases and that you will feel calmer to face a problem or difficulty.

Progressive body relaxation

This is another technique to reduce the stress that you can practice at any time or place. You only have to have a few minutes. By only spending 10 to 15 minutes a day to put it into practice, you will be giving yourself a great gift.

Start with a few deep breaths and then gradually focus on the different parts of your body, mentally releasing any physical tension you feel. You can start by paying attention to your feet, noticing how you feel them and relaxing each muscle and then going up and going all over your body until you reach the head.

Paying attention to each part of our body is something that we do not do frequently and helps to release the tension that stress accumulates in the muscles and that in many cases produces pain.

Guided images

This technique to reduce stress can not only be reassuring but very pleasant. As the name says, it is to focus all your attention on gratifying and positive images.

For this, you can select images or videos or search for applications or online recordings of scenes that convey calm. You can also make your own selection of personal images and create a kind of film that transports you to beautiful moments, full of peace and happiness.

Another even easier way to perform this technique, which has very positive effects, is to combine it with deep breathing. After breathing a few times, instead of concentrating on your body, as in the prior art, you can evoke real images or situations from your past life, which produce tranquility and make you feel good.

You can also use mental images to reinforce a positive vision about yourself and your abilities to face stressful situations.

Relaxation through music

Relaxation through music

Have you heard that “music tames beasts”? Well, it’s about popular wisdom completely full of reason, because the right music calms the nerves.

Of course, not all types of music serve to relax, it has to be quiet music, often combined with sounds of nature such as water, wind or birdsong.

On the internet, you can find good selections of special music to relax and help you disconnect your brain from everything that worries you. Even music to help you sleep. If you concentrate on the sounds for a few minutes, you will be helping your brain to enter a state of calm, without worries and when finished, your whole body will feel better.


The benefits of meditation are many. The best technique to reduce stress and maintain health. If you include in your daily routine a few minutes to meditate, you will see how little by little you will have a calmer mind and the ability to see things more clearly.

Thanks to meditation, you can reduce the overproduction of adrenaline and cortisol, stress hormones, which cause exhaustion, irritability, lack of sleep, high blood pressure and even heart attacks.

Don’t think that meditation is a Buddhist thing or something like that. Meditation is for everyone and its benefits go beyond what you could imagine.

Start small, sit comfortably in a quiet and quiet place, where no one can bother you for a few minutes. Take a deep breath and try to blank your mind. At first, it will not be easy, especially if you have not tried it before, but with practice, you will get it and you will see how the feeling of calm (physical and mental) is so pleasant that you will not want to abandon the practice of meditation.

There are several types of meditation, putting the mind blank, repeating mantras, fixing attention on one point, etc., but all are equally good. Try several and find the one that suits you best.

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